Do you want to save in purchasing?

An overarching view, a large, reliable network and a number of key successes are necessary to achieve the optimum in procurement. And by that, I mean not only the best price, but also the best price while complying with all specifications, such as quality and delivery reliability, among others.

In all my cooperation I adhere to the same, following Bavel principle.

BEM optimiert einkaufen Inhaber Jörg Bührmann

Das Bavel®-Prinzip

The Bavel-principle

1. Needs Analysis

Together we evaluate your project and specify your requirements. Technology, quality, quantity and delivery conditions are the main criteria when putting the project out for tender.

2. Invitations to Tender

We asses possible suppliers together and compare offers. I audit new partners before they are proposed and make sure their performance is adequate for the project. Transparency is very important to me right from the start.

3. Negotiations

After we define a common strategy, you and I together negotiate with the suppliers who are in final consideration.

4. Decision-making

My consultation paired with the given recommendations contributes to the decision. Which bid gets the final nod is still in your hands.

5. Solution Optimizations

My experience is at your disposal even after the decision on the project has been made. As partners, we work together in ensuring the project is a success.

This gives you a cost-efficient basis for your project.

Raise the purchasing potential!
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