After the project is before the project.
You will never be left alone with your work. If the day-to-day business takes up too much of your time, you can hand the strategic optimization over to me. I then have the opportunity to fully focus on your task, without any distractions, bringing substantial benefit to any project.

We're talking about purchasing optimization.

Then we should also start here.
When I optimize for you, my compensation will always be dependent upon the results of my work. Only if I do my job well, and I will, can you make full use of every cost cutting opportunity. My fee is linked directly to the savings that result from my work - that is the fairest solution for both parties.

What happens after the project?

The expertise, business contacts, process adjustments and above all optimizations gained throughout the process can be passed on to you through process training. This ensures your long-term success in procurement. And if there are new projects or requirements have changed extensively, I can always be relied upon to step in as an optimizer again.

Most challenges are best achieved together.